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Sabtu, 08 September 2012

23 killed, 17 fuel and supply trucks destroyed in onslaughts on invaders convoys

23 killed, 17 fuel and supply trucks destroyed in onslaughts on invaders convoys


Ahad, 9 September 2012 09:13:53

WARDAK ( - As many as 23 puppets soldiers, security guards and drivers were killed and a further 14 got killed, where about 17 enemy's vehicles destroyed in Wardak operation on Tuesday. According to the details, the military-guarded convoys were confronted by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in different parts of Syed Abad district, Wardak province.

First, Mujahideen combatants confronted the convoys in Haider Khel area of this district, Wardak province leaving at least 4 security guards dead and 2 drivers hurt in addition to burning down 2 supply trucks and a military vehicle. Some 6 security guards, 3 puppets of ANA and 7 drivers were killed as well as 10 wounded in the second attack in Mili Khel area of the district.

However, more than 11 fuel tankers were set on fire. In Mashin Khel, Syed Abad district, 4 security guards were killed and a further 6 wounded with two supply trucks eliminated. Yet again, in Sultan Khel, Mujahideen killed 2 puppet soldiers as well as 1 driver and destroyed a supply truck. Meantime, Mujahideen captured supplies, fuel and a sizeable amount of arms ammo during the operation. Witnesses several helicopters landed in the area to evacuate the dead and wounded, whereas a number of the trucks and military vehicles damaged during the clashes were loaded onto other huge trucks and were carried away by the enemy afterwards. (Alemarah/

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